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Manuel Tacanho

Social philosopher and economist. Founder and president of the Afrindependent Institute.

Money Demystified: Understanding Why, How, and What It Is

Money is a subject that has been extensively studied and discussed in economics. Even so, it remains shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding, with even the central question of what money is still being debated. This article discusses the concept of money, demystifying its nature by answering essential questions about what money is, how it is produced, and, more importantly, why it is indispensable to modern society.

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Fractional Reserve Banking Is Fraudulent and Ruinous

Fractional reserve banking remains a sensitive and contentious topic in economics. The contention lies between two branches of free market economics, with one camp arguing that it is fraudulent and the other defending its legitimacy. This article shows that fractional reserve banking is fraudulent and ruinous.

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