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About Us

The Afrindependent Institute is an academic and educational organization. An upstart think tank dedicated to researching and developing an ethical and sound intellectual framework for establishing free, structurally just, and prosperous African societies.


Vision Statement:

Pave the way to just, prosperous, and peaceful African societies.

Mission Statement:

Restore Africa’s economic heritage of free markets, free enterprise, and free trade. 

Africonomics is ethical, sound, and coherent economics for Africa.

Mainstream and socialist economics have consistently failed African countries. We pursue philosophical and economic truth to develop an ethical and sound intellectual framework for establishing free, structurally just, and prosperous African societies. 

Among established schools of economic thought, Africonomics is most congruous with the Austrian School of Economics. A detailed presentation of Africonomics as an African school of economic thought will be published soon. 

“Traditional Africa was never socialist. It had private ownership of the means of production (land, labor, and capital), free enterprise, free village markets, free trade, and an entrepreneurial spirit. There is a great deal of confusion about communal land ownership in traditional Africa. But historically land in Africa was never communally owned, as the myth goes. It was privately owned by the family or clan, not a tribal government.”

— Dr. George Ayittey

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MANUEL TACANHO is a social philosopher and economist. 

His pursuit of economic truth led him to free-market economics, which he later discovered was compatible with (pre-colonial) Africa’s economic heritage. 

His commitment to helping build free, structurally just, and prosperous African societies led him to establish the Afrindependent Institute. 

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The Afrindependent Institute is registered and regulated in the Republic of Mauritius as a nonprofit and nonpartisan organisation.



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